How To Not Give A Fuck

How To Not Give A Fuck is the problem-free philosophy that advocates for replacing unproductive emotions with acquired self-knowledge, and fearless pursuit of rationally derived ambitions and virtues as one’s primary objective.

Suicide is the superior option to stagnant mediocrity.
Religion is a slave’s code, the antithesis of self-actualization.
Complaining about an unjust world takes time away from productive work that actually allows one to overcome it. #racism #feminism #poverty
Feminism is a topic of discussion for academics without real work to do.
Failure is in some ways superior to success, as it is a much better mentor for overcoming fear.
Never ask for permission. Only ask for forgiveness, if necessary.
It’s a thin line between psychopathy and enlightenment.
Success leads to complacency. Failure leads to improvement.
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